Why no Belt Buckle?

We prefer a more practical award for completing the Headlands Hundred. We've personally run over 50 one hundred milers and have a box full of belt buckles that we'll never use, and we know many runners who are the same way (particularly female buckle recipients).

We know that Western States and other races give out belt buckles because of the Tevis Cup endurance horse race, which is the sport in which the tradition started. However, Hardrock 100, one of the toughest 100 mile races, gives a coffee mug to finishers.

We’re very happy to award finishers a tumbled porcelain coaster with their name and finish time.

Some comments about the Headlands Hundred coasters:

"Hi Sarah and Wendell,
I received that amazing HH finisher's coaster yesterday and I love it!"
B. F.

"The coaster is SO AWESOME, I can't believe my name and time are on it - how cool!"
L. W.

"I got a belt buckle for finishing my first hundred – and I would SO rather have gotten a coaster with my name and time on it!"
T. J.

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