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Angel Island Trail Run

8 Km, 16 Km, 25 Km, & 50 Km

Run-day Instructions



The Angel Island Trail Run will start at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 3rd on Angel Island.  We have chartered a ferry leaving Tiburon at 7:50 a.m.  Click on Driving Directions to and Parking in Tiburon.


Message Board 

The purpose of this online Message Board is to provide a forum for PCTR runners to communicate with fellow runners and share information (i.e., rides to PCTR events, lodging requests, and favorite local restaurants).



Please click on Hotels, Motels & Camping for a partial listing of places to stay.



The course will be marked with green (summit loop), white (middle loop), and pink (perimeter loop) ribbons approximately every 200 meters.  The 8 Km event will follow the green summit loop.  The 16 Km event does the green summit loop and the white middle loop.  The 25 Km event does the green summit loop, the white middle loop, and finally the pink perimeter loop.  The 50 Km does the 25 Km twice.


There will be at least two blue-striped ribbons before a turn in the course.  The blue-striped ribbons will be placed before and on the same side as the required turn.  After you complete the turn, there will be green, white, and/or pink ribbons indicating the correct route.


The blue-striped "turn signal" ribbon can be as helpful in its absence as it is when it's present.  Too often, ribbons are either taken or redirected down the wrong path.   Until the ribbon-moving-vandals figure out that they need to pair a blue-striped ribbon with the solid ones they move, just don't turn unless you see those stripes!   


If you don't see your respective ribbon for 3-4 minutes, you are off course.  One of the few rules of trail running is that, if you get off course, you must retrace your path until you find where you left the course and then continue along the marked course.  Failure to follow this rule may result in disqualification even though you may have traveled a greater distance than the official course. 


Many of the parks in California have poison oak and ticks.  We recommend washing with Tecnu and checking for ticks immediately after your trail run.


No dogs allowed on Angel Island.



Course Map


Course Description


Elevation Gain:

  8 Km -    810 feet 

16 Km - 1,380 feet 

25 Km - 2,270 feet 

50 Km - 4,540 feet 

   (Elevation changes determined using an Avocet altimeter.)

Aid Stations

Fully-stocked aid stations every 8 - 9 kilometers.  You can expect fresh fruit, salty snacks, assorted candy, boiled potatoes & salt, water, and Conquest sports drink.  However, it is mandatory that runners carry at least one water bottle and highly recommended to carry two.


        Aid Stations                                Distance (Km)          Next Aid   

16 Km

  1. Ayala Cove                                                  8.2                       7.7
  2. Ayala Cove (Finish)                                  15.9                       


25 Km

  1. Ayala Cove                                                  8.2                       7.7

  2. Ayala Cove                                                15.9                       9.3
  3. Ayala Cove (Finish)                                  25.2                       .


50 Km

  1. Ayala Cove                                                  8.2                       7.7

  2. Ayala Cove                                                15.9                       9.3
  3. Ayala Cove                                                25.2                       7.9
  4. Ayala Cove                                                33.1                       7.7
  5. Ayala Cove                                                40.8                       9.3
  6. Ayala Cove (Finish)                                  50.0


Post-Run Activities

There will be hot soup and chili at the finish line.

T-shirts will be given to all finishers.  While awards will be given to the first male and female finisher of each run, PCTR events are designed to be non-competitive and emphasize the whole trail running experience. 

We will have PCTR merchandise available for purchase:



Clif Shots (6)                                             $7


Conquest                                                   $8


Event T-shirt (Hanes 100% cotton)                     $8


Running Hat (embroidered)                           $12


Dri-release Performance Shirt (Soffe)     $15


JoeTrailMan Gaiters                               $25


Duffle Bag (embroidered)                              $30



will be the official event photographer.  Photos should be available about a week following the event.



Check In

Please arrive by 7:30 a.m. on Saturday to receive your bib number and ferry ticket.  Family and friends are welcome to ride the chartered ferry at 7:50 a.m.  The cost of the ferry ride is $9.00 (adults) and $7.50 (children).   


Drop Bags

We will have drop bags at check-in for your extra clothes and personal items.  You can leave the drop bags at the start/finish area at Ayala Cove and pick them up after your run.


Return to Tiburon

Ferries from Angel Island to Tiburon leave on the hour beginning at 10:20 a.m.


If you have any questions between now and then, please feel free to call or e-mail us.  We look forward to seeing you Saturday, July 3rd!


Wendell, Sarah, & Aaron

[email protected]

(925) 947-3787





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