Headlands 50 & Marathon
Run Day Instructions


The Headlands 50 Mile and Marathon Endurance Runs will start at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 17th at Rodeo Beach, Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 


From US 101, take the Alexander Ave Exit from the South or the "Sausalito Exit" from the North and head North on Sausalito Lateral Rd. for .2 miles.  Turn LEFT on Bunker Rd. (through Tunnel) and continue for 3.1 miles.  Continue on Mitchell Rd. for .3 miles.  Please park in the dirt parking lot at the end of the paved road.  Click on the blue icon for driving directions:


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Weather:  Rodeo Beach/Sausalito



The course is a 25-mile loop. The first loop is clockwise. Then, you reverse direction to counterclockwise and alternate ("washing-machine" loops). The course will be marked with yellow/pink ribbons approximately every 1/4 mile.  The section between Rodeo Beach and Muir Beach will be marked with yellow ribbons. The rest of the course will be marked with pink ribbons.


The most important course marking is the striped ribbon It indicates a turn at an intersection.  There will be at least two striped ribbons before a turn in the course.  The striped ribbons will be placed before and on the same side as the required turn.  As you approach an intersection, look for any striped ribbons before the turn.  Waiting until you're in the intersection to determine the correct direction may be confusing and you may go the wrong way.  After you complete the turn, there will be pink (or yellow) ribbons indicating the correct route.  


Glowsticks will be hung at night throughout the 25-mile loop.  The yellow section will have green glowsticks and the pink section will have pink glowsticks.

If you don't see a pink ribbon or a glowstick for 10 minutes, you are off course.  If you get off course, you should retrace your path until you find where you left the course and then continue along the marked course.

Please be courteous on the trail. If you're passing another runner or hiker, announce "on your left" as you approach.

Headphones are allowed on dirt road sections only. Please do not wear headphones on single-track trail, while crossing paved roads, when getting aid at aid stations, or while crossing the finish line.

No dogs allowed on the course. Please don't leave pets in your vehicle.

  • 50 Mile - 10,010"
  • Marathon - TBA
  •                 (Elevation changes determined using an Avocet altimeter.)


    Aid Stations

    Fully-stocked aid stations every 4 - 5 miles.  You can expect fresh fruit, salty snacks, assorted candy, boiled potatoes & salt, water, and Clif Shot Electrolyte sports drink.  In addition, the start/finish and Tennessee Valley aid stations will have soup and other ‘real’ food during the night and second morning.  If you would like to be sure that you have Clif product, SaltStick capsules, or any other specific item at the event, you should carry it with you. Additionally, it is highly recommended that runners carry at least 20 oz. of water between aid stations. 


    If you have friends or family members coming to the event, please note that we don't track every runner at every aid station.  We recommend that you let them know your estimated arrival time(s).

    Drop Bags

    We will have drop bags at Tennessee Valley and Rodeo Beach (S/F).  Prepare a bag or container with your items (flashlight, clothes, special food, etc.)  Put your name & aid station on the drop bag and we will take it to the Tennessee Valley aid station for you.  We will begin transporting drop bags from Tennessee Valley back to the finish starting ~ 7 p.m., Saturday, and every 3-4 hours thereafter for finishers.



    Pacers are welcome after 50 miles.  Please use the PCTR Message Board to coordinate. 


    Post-Run Activities

    Awards for finishers will be given out as runners finish. 


    There will be hot soup and chili at the finish line.

    Hi-Tech shirts and goodies from will be given to all finishers.  Tumbled porcelain coasters, will be given to 50 Mile finishers and medals will be given to all marathon finishers. Awards will be given to the first overall female and male finisher and to the first female and male finisher in each 10-year age group (< 20, 20-29, etc.).  Overall winners do not qualify for age-group awards.    


    PCTR Race Series 

    Participants are automatically included in the race series and points are awarded to the first 8 finishers in each age group.  To learn more, please click:  PCTR Race Series


    Message Board

    Please post messages regarding places to eat or stay, sharing rides with fellow runners, etc. on the:  PCTR Message Board


    Check In

    Please arrive by 6:30 a.m. on Saturday to check in and receive your bib number.    

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